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Zambia Amano School AssistanceCountry Report

Trösten und trösten lassen

Bei meiner Arbeit im Girlsdorm (Mädcheninternat) der Amano Christian School in Sambia lebe ich zusammen mit 21 Mädchen im Alter von 8-17 Jahren. Ich bekomme hautnah mit, welchen Herausforderungen sie in der Schule und im...

Canada Liebenzell HouseCountry Report

You're the God of this City!

Das Lied „God of This City“ von Bluetree ist mir seit dem Anfang meines Einsatzes hier in Toronto immer wieder durch den Kopf gegangen. Es beschreibt, dass noch größere Dinge in dieser Stadt getan werden müssen und auch...

Canada Pioneer CampCountry Report


Radiate ist eine Serie von Wochenendfreizeiten für Jugend-und Kirchengruppen im Pioneer Camp. Es ist eine Zeit, um “auszustrahlen” und von Jesus und Gott zu erzählen. Jedes dieser Wochenenden braucht viel Vorbereitung...

Canada BethelCountry Report

In the secret

In addition to a snack, homework time and various leisure activities, we, my impact team and I, have the opportunity to tell the four- to twelve-year-old kids about Jesus in the After School Program "Camp Promise"....

Ecuador TeamCountry Report

Wonderful forgiveness

On January 8, 1956, the five missionaries Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Peter Fleming, Ed McCully and Roger Youderian were killed in the Ecuadorian jungle by a group of Waorani Indians. The young missionaries had tried to make...

USA TeamCountry Report

Good news for drug-addicted women

During my impact trip, we worked at the Good News Home organization in New Jersey. Good News Home takes dependent women in and allows them to return slowly to their everyday lives. The organization supports this through...

"My impact trip was influenced by many changes. Through this I experienced that God made it even better than I had anticipated."
Jonathan, Kanada Bethel Community Church
"I was fascinated by the way Jesus connects people during my impact trip in Burundi. In my time there I learned a lot about myself and God's great love, and could enjoy the diversity of the country."
Judith, Burundi Family Help Anderson
"I was impressed by the dedication of the local youth. Through them I was motivated to live my life more for Jesus."
Clara, Ecuador Team