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impact supports community work, children's and youth ministries, social work, educational, missionary and practical projects.

  • Discipleship: Strengthen your relationship to God
  • Personality development: Strengthen your relationship to yourself
  • Social skills: Strengthen your relationship to others
  • Cultural training: Increase your understanding of the host culture

Before impact

Training sessions and information material ensure you are well prepared for your trip.

During impact

Missionaries and local team members provide on-site support.

After impact

When you return home, you will reflect on your experiences together with German colleagues.


  • You age is between 18 and 30.
  • You have a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Your local church is willing to send an support you.
  • You are prepared to live as a committed christian, to adapt to the culture and to live a simple and modest life.
  • You are able to tackle different kinds of work.
  • You are willing to live, learn and serve together with others.
  • You have the required language skills.

The cost depends on the duration of the trip and the chosen country and starts at 250 Euros per month. We encourage you to find donors and sponsors who are willing to support your trip.


11 months:

  • Directly involved in projects in the countries ministry
  • Support and training by workers on site
  • Some team projects

3 months:

  • You provide on-site support for projects
  • Live and work in a team
  • Discipleship program and guidance

2 to 10 weeks:

  • Construction site and project assignments
  • Learn about missionary work
  • Flexible planning


impact is supervised by the impact coordination team: from left to right: Lisa Ackermann, Esther Massias, Sarah Bolz, Stephan Trick

If you have questions and for more information please contact us, Liebenzell Mission Germany, or a national board near you.